Baby, Love me!
600px-GEM - Baby Love Me bluray
Single by GEM
from album Girls Entertainment Mixture
Native title ベイビーラブミー!
Released September 30, 2015
Genre J-Pop
Format CD+Blu-Ray, Music Cards
Recorded 2015
GEM Singles Chronology
Previous Delightful Days 3rd Music Card (2015)
Next Fine! ~fly for the future~ 5th single (2016)
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682px-GEM - Baby Love Me mumo
Event/mu-mo CD

230px-GEM - Baby Love Me MU-CA group
Music Card Group Version

Baby, Love me! is GEM's 4th major label single. It was released September 30, 2015 in a CD+Blu-Ray editions and a Music Card. This single does not feature Ito Chisami as she was on temporary hiatus.

Tracklist Edit

CD/Music Card Edit

  1. Baby, Love me!
  2. The Brand-New Girl

Blu-Ray Edit

  1. Baby, Love me! “Music Video”
  2. Baby, Love me! “Music Video Making”

Event/mu-mo CD Edit

  1. Baby, Love me!
  2. The Brand-New Girl
  3. Baby, Love me! (Instrumental)
  4. The Brand-New Girl (Instrumenta

Featured Members Edit

Single Information Edit

Baby, Love me!

  • Lyrics: KAJI KATSURA
  • Composition and arrangement: NA.ZU.NA

The Brand-New Girl

  • Lyrics: leonn
  • Composition and arrangement: ats-