M.O.N.ST@R /
Colorful Starlight
CD+Blu-ray Edition
Single by Cheeky Parade
from album Cheeky Parade II
Released July 15, 2015
Genre J-Pop
Format CD, CD+Blu-Ray
Recorded 2015
Cheeky Parade Singles Chronology
Previous CANDY POP GALAXY BOMB!! / Kizuna PUNKY ROCK!! 4th single (2014)
Next SKY GATE 6th single (2016)
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HMV/Loppi Edition

Event/mu-mo Edition

M.O.N.ST@R / Colorful Starlight (M.O.N.ST@R / カラフルスターライト) is the Cheeky Parade 5th major label single. It was released on July 15, 2015 in 3 editions.

Tracklist Edit

CD Edit

  1. M.O.N.ST@R
  2. Colorful Starlight (カラフルスターライト)

Blu-Ray Edit

  1. M.O.N.ST@R -LIVE Ver- (MV)

CD HMV/Loppi Edition Edit

  1. M.O.N.ST@R
  2. Colorful Starlight
  3. Glory Days

CD Event/mu-mo Edit

  1. M.O.N.ST@R
  2. Colorful Starlight
  3. M.O.N.ST@R (Instrumental)
  4. Colorful Starlight (Instrumental)

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Single Information Edit


  • Lyrics: R.o.C
  • Composition and arrangement: HIKIE

Colorful Starlight

  • Lyrics: RESiA209
  • Composition and arrangement: Kinoshita Yoshiyuki

Glory Days

  • Lyrics: PA-NON
  • Composition: Suzuki Manaka and Carios K
  • Arrangement: Usami Hiroshi

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