Morioka Yu
森岡 悠
Morioka Yuu from LUNA
Background Information
Also Known As Chanman (ちゃんまん)
Born July 9, 1996 (1996-07-09) (age 22)
Origin Fukuoka, Japan
Blood Type A
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Height 153 cm
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Idol, SInger, Actress, Model
Years Active 2012 - Present
(6 years)
Agency Avex Vanguard
Label iDOL Street
Associated Acts Street-sei, GEM
GEM Information
Joined December 25, 2012
Member Color       Citrine
Time in Group 6 years
Street-sei Information
Joined May 19, 2012
Generation 3rd
Left November 17, 2013
Morioka Yuu (森岡悠) is a singer signed under iDOL Street and was a member of the group GEM.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Morioka was born in 1993 in Fukuoka, Japan, to parents whose names are undisclosed.

2012 Edit

On June 12 it was announced that Morioka would be a 3rd generation member of Street-sei and joined w-Street FUKUOKA.

On December 25 Morioka was introduced as a starting member of IDOL Street's third group GEM along with Kanazawa Yuuki, Ozeki Nagi, Minamiguchi Nana, Kumashiro Jurin, Murakami Rana, Takeda Maya, Sakamoto Hazuki, Iyama Maho, Asakawa Nana, and Uchimura Risa.

2013 Edit

On March 22 Morioka starred in KBCTV Fukuoka Ren'ai Hakusho 8 Megu to Aikun ~Darenidemo Wasurerarenaihito wa Iru Hazu...~(福岡恋愛白書8 メグとアイくん ~誰にでも忘れられない人はいるはず・・・〜).

On April 1 Morioka was transferred from w-Street FUKUOKA to e-Street TOKYO.

On June 11 Morioka was announced as a part of the final line-up for GEM along with Kanazawa Yuuki, Ito Chisami, Minamiguchi Nana, Kumashiro Jurin, Oguri Kako, Murakami Rana, Takeda Maya, Iyama Maho, and Hirano Sara.

2015 Edit

In November Morioka starred in Girls Street Theater 2015 play Za・Hana Miyo Concerto (座・花御代コンチェルト).

2016 Edit

On July 15 Morioka celebrated her birthday with a special event called S.P.C Birthday Party ~Vol.7~ #2016.07.15 along with Ozawa Runa and Abe Yumeri.

In July Morioka will star in the stage play Aku no Hana (惡の華; The Flowers of Evil).

In September Morioka will star in the stage play ReLIFE as part of the W-Cast.

Personal Life Edit

When Morioka joined GEM she was in her second year of high school. As of March, 2015 she has graduated high school.

  • Chanman (ちゃんまん?): Official nickname

Morioka's given name, "Yuu", means distant (悠; yuu)

Profile Edit

  • Name: Morioka Yuu (森岡悠)
  • Nickname: Chanman (ちゃんまん?)
  • Birthdate: July 9, 1996 (1996-07-09) (age 22)
  • Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Height: 153cm
  • IDOL Street Status:
    • 2012.06.12 Street-sei member
    • 2012.06.12 w-Street FUKUOKA member
    • 2012.12.25 Starting GEM member
    • 2013.04.01 e-Street TOKYO member
    • 2013.06.11 GEM member
  • My GEM: Citrine
  • IDOL Street Groups:

  • Hobbies: Looking for delicious food, star gazing
  • Special Skill: Thinking positively
  • Charm Point: Smile, smallness
  • Favorite food: Chocolate, pancakes, nabe
  • Least favorite food: Fishy things
  • Favorite Artist/Idol: Tohoshinki, Taylor Swift
  • Future Dreams: Actress who gives excitement and smiles to a lot of people. Wants to have a lot of activities in the future.
  • Respected people: Parents, Joe Hisaishi, Miranda Kerr

Trivia Edit

  • She originally joined Avex as an actress.
  • She is the only member of GEM from Kyushu region.

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