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J-Pop, teen pop

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Avex Vanguard (2013-2017)
Avex Management (2010-2013, 2017-)


iDOL Street

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Candy Macchiato, Twinkle Veil


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Watanabe Koume
Ishibashi Hotaru
Abe Yumeri
Nagao Shiori
Kanazawa Yuuki
Ishimaru Chika
Sakabayashi Kana
Inoue Mayuko
Kadobayashi Yuu
Higuchi Nazuna
Matsumoto Aika

Former members

Akita Eri (2010-2012)
Kano Kaede (2010-2013)
Yasaka Saori (2010-2014)
Goto Aya (2010-2015)
Arai Reira (2010-2016)
Katsuta Rino (2010-2016)
Maeshima Ami (2010-2017)
Kidoguchi Sakurako (2016-2017)
Ozawa Runa (2016-2018)
Tanaka Mirei (2010-2018)
Shimura Rika (2010-2018)
Watanabe Hikaru (2010-2019)
Miyazaki Rina (2010-2019)
Mizote Ruka (2010-2019)
Asakawa Nana (2014-2019)
Uchimura Risa (2014-2019)

SUPER☆GiRLS is a J-pop idol group, and the flagship unit for iDOL Street. The group was announced on June 12, 2010; they made their major debut in December of that year. Their most successful release is their single "Puripuri SUMMER Kiss", which sold over 92,599 copies.


Current membersEdit

Second Chapter Members (2014)

Third chapter members (2016)

Fourth chapter members (2018)

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Wagamama Girls Road SG

SUPER GiRLS promoting Wagamama GiRLS ROAD

Baburin squash

SUPER GiRLS promoting Baburin Squash

Kirakira sunshine

SUPER GiRLS promoting Kira Kira☆Sunshine




SUPER GiRLS promoting Sweet☆Smile


SUPER GiRLS promoting Koi☆Kirameke-tion!!!


SUPER GiRLS promoting Rabusama!!!




SUPER GiRLS promoting Icchatte Yacchatte


SUPER GiRLS promoting Gira Gira Revolution

2010: Formation, Chouzetsu ShoujoEdit

In 2010, Avex Group held the avex Idol Audition 2010. The winners of the audition were chosen and announced on June 12, 2010. They made their stage debut on August 7. On October 2, 2010, it was announced that they would release their debut album, Chouzetsu Shoujo in December. SUPER GiRLS also held their first concert, First Concert ~Chouzetsu Shoujo ga Tomaranaii!~, to promote the album.

2011-2012: EveryBody JUMP!!, Akita Eri's graduationEdit

SUPER GiRLS released their debut single, "Ganbatte Seishun", on April 20, 2011. They released two more singles that year, leading up to their second album, EveryBody JUMP!!, which was released on February 1, 2012. It is to date their best selling album.[1] Four days after the release of the album, Akita Eri became the first member to graduate from SUPER GiRLS, citing a focus on studies as her reason for leaving.

2013: Kano Kaede's departure, CelebrationEdit

On January 16, 2013, Kano Kaede withdrew from the group. She wrote on her blog:

"Since the end of last year, I took a break because of my poor health condition. During that time, I thought about my 2 and a half years of activities as well as my own future. Becoming 20-years-old, I wanted to change my immaturity and the part of me that was spoiled. As for my future, I wanted to start over again from zero. After talking about those feelings with the staff and my family, I, Kano Kaede, will be withdrawing from SUPER☆GiRLS on January 16th."[2]

SUPER GiRLS released their third album, Celebration, on February 20. The album still featured Kano, making it her final release with the group.

2014: Yasaka Saori's graduation, 2nd chapter members Edit

On February 23, 2014, leader Yasaka Saori graduated from the group to become a musical actress, remaining under iDOL Street as a solo act. With her graduation, group leadership was passed down to Shimura Rika (the oldest member). On that same day, three more members were added to the group as "2nd chapter members": Watanabe Koume, formerly of the idol group Party Rockets, and Asakawa Nana and Uchimura Risa, both former Street-sei members.

On March 26, 2014, SUPER GiRLS released their first compilation album, Chouzetsu Shoujo Best 2010~2014, featuring the group line-up before Yasaka's graduation. The new line-up of SUPER GiRLS made its debut with the single "Hanamichi!! A~mbitious" on May 14.

2015: Goto Aya's graduationEdit

On January 10, at a SUPER GiRLS live show, Goto Aya announced that she would be graduating from the group and retiring from show business. Goto stated that she had "found another dream" that she wanted to pursue.[3] She will officially graduate in March 2015.

2016: SUPER CASTLE, Katsuta Rino and Arai Reira Graduations, 3rd Chapter membersEdit

SUPER Girls released their fourth album SUPER CASTLE on March 9.

On March 13 during a release event for their new album SUPER CASTLE, Katsuta Rino and Arai Reira announced that they would be graduating from the group. Katsuta stated she wanted to pursue a dream of being sportscaster, Arai will take this time to think about her dream of being in the fashion industry.[4] They will officially graduate on June 25 after SUPER GiRLS Tokyo Dome Performance.

On June 25 five new members were introduced as the 3rd chapter members, Kidoguchi Sakurako and Abe Yumeri from TOKYO Yume Piyo-gumi, Ozawa Runa and Nagao Shiori from NAGOYA Chubu, and Ishibashi HotaruMaeshima Ami replaced Shimura Rika as leader of SUPER GiRLS.

On August 31 SUPER GiRLS released their 14th single Rabusama!!! which was the new-line up debut.

On September 29 at their SUPER☆GiRLS Super Live 2016 ~STARTING~ @AKASAKA BLITZ performance it was announced that Asakawa Nana will be the center of their 15th Single Koi☆Kirameke-tion!!! which will be released on December 21.

2017: Maeshima Ami Graduation and Kidoguchi Sakurako withdrawal Edit

On March 5 it was announced via iDOL Street website that Maeshima Ami will graduate on March 31 to pursue being a musical actress and voice actor.[5]

On April 17, it was announced that Kidoguchi would halt all idol activites due to poor health conditions. She would be absent from all SUPER GiRLS concerts and activites till mid-July

On April 26 SUPER GiRLS will release their 16th single Sweet☆Smile. This is their first single without Maeshima Ami.

On June 17 it was announced that Mizote Ruka would be the new leader.

On September 20 it was revealed that Kidoguchi Sakurako withdrew from the group after a period of being on hiatus, SUPER GiRLS released their 17th single ASE TO NAMIDA NO CINDERELLA STORY on 29 November. This is their first single without Kidoguchi Sakurako and that Yumeri had changed her color to Baby Pink.

On December it was revealed Runa Ozawa will be going on hiatus and halt all idol activities due to poor physical conditions. She would be absent from all SUPER GiRLS concerts and activites until she recovers.

2018: Ozawa Runa withdrawal, Tanaka Mirei and Shimura Rika Graduations and 4th Chapter Members Edit

On January 31st, it was revealed that Ozawa Runa graduated and withdrew from the group after a period of being on hiatus.

On February 1, it was announced via iDOL Street website that Shimura Rika and Tanaka Mirei will both graduate on March 31 (for Mirei) and on 24th June (for Rika).

SUPER GiRLS released their 18th single Kira Kira☆Sunshine on 2 May. This is the first single without Ozawa Runa and Tanaka Mirei. This is also the last single for Shimura Rika before she graduates.

SUPER GiRLS released their 19th single Baburin Squash on 15 August. This is the first single without Shimura Rika.

SUPER GiRLS released their 20th single Wagamama GiRLS ROAD on 14th November.

On 19 December, 7 new members were introduced as the 4th chapter members, They are Kanazawa Yuuki a former GEM member, Ishimaru Chika, Sakabayashi Kana, Inoue Mayuko, Kadobayashi Yuu, Higuchi Nazuna and Matsumoto Aika.

2019: Watanabe Hikaru, Miyazaki Rina, Mizote Ruka, Asakawa Nana and Uchimura Risa Graduations Edit

On January 11, Watanabe Hikaru, Miyazaki Rina, Mizote Ruka, Asakawa Nana and Uchimura Risa graduated from the group. It was also announced that Koume changed her color to red and became the new leader of Super Girls.

SUPER GiRLS will release their 21st single CongraCHUlation!!!! on 27th February, which will be the debut of the new-line up.



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  • Their name is often abbreviated to S☆G or Supaga (スパガ).


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