SutyuramitChu Supers (すとゅらみっChu すーぱーず) is a Street-sei unit. They consist of 2 groups, SutyuramitChu Suns and SutyuramitChu Stars.

History Edit

2016 Edit

SutyuramitChu won the newcomer regular performance at AKIBA Cultures Theather in 2016 summer. Then, SutyuramitChu SS is announced to perform regularly with restructured members. Source.

Website Edit

Official website:

StyuramitChu Suns Edit

StyuramitChu Stars Edit

*Arakawa Sana joins each group.

**Her Yume-piyo color was Pink, but overlapped to Maeda Haruka's color, so she uses red color. Source.

***Iyanagi Hanano joins none of them because of preparing for entrance exam.

Concerts Edit

All of them starts at 18:00. Doors open at 17:30.

Tickets: Advanced; 2500yen, on-the-day; 3000yen, plus 500yen for 1 drink (you have to purchase 500mL PET drink at the entrance).

  • 2016/10/24 Stars
  • 2016/11/7 Suns
  • 2016/11/21 Stars
  • 2016/12/5 Suns
  • 2016/12/19 Stars
  • 2017/1/30 Suns
  • 2017/2/13 Stars
  • 2017/2/27 Suns
  • 2017/3/13 Stars

MVP vote Edit

Those who bought advanced ticket at "Pigoo LIVE" can vote MVP performer.

MVP will be told in 2017/3/26 at all-street-sei assembly(2016年度全校集会).

MVP is entitled to hold solo event and self-produce program in Pigoo Channel.